We know the word ‘triggered’ is SO overused but truth be told, there is no other word that quite describes the reactions of the Left and the media (same thing, really) to Barr using the word, ‘spying’. You’d have thought the man kicked a bunch of puppies on national television … HOW DARE HE!

Except we all know they’d be just fine with someone accusing the Trump administration of spying because you know, ORANGE MAN BAD.

Sean Davis took it upon himself to compile several examples of the media being hunky-dorky with the ‘s-word’, and managed to slam Chris ‘The Media is Not Politically Biased’ Cillizza in the process. Good stuff!


BUSH WAS SPYING! Stop the presses!

These people.

C’mon man, Obama only spied on the Trump campaign to keep the rest of us safe or something … *eye roll*


These people. Seriously, this editor spends so much of her day shaking her head she is almost permanently dizzy.


Curious indeed.

You ‘member.

Chris. Dude.


Told you this was pretty damn glorious.

Nearly a year ago.

We are thinking SO MUCH.


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