We’re not sure there’s much that’s funnier than Rep. Adam Schitt … err … Schiff talking about power corrupting anyone else. Maybe someone should get the guy a mirror for a little self-reflecting? Heck, he said he was feeling cute just the other day.


And we still don’t get why the Left is so angry with Trump for basically doing what they wanted him to. Sure, some are claiming he’s playing politics but give us a break, sanctuary cities are used as political talking points and virtue signaling by almost every Democrat to play politics.

They’re just angry he called their bluff.

If anyone knows about power corrupting it’s Adam.

And c’mon, Trump putting these people in sanctuary cities is worse than leaving them ‘caged’ at the border? Sent back to Mexico?

As we said, doesn’t make any sense.

And ruh-roh, even Democrats are getting sick of Adam.




Either be a sanctuary city or don’t.


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