And we thought Rep. Ted Lieu was having a bad week … holy cow.

What in the WORLD was Ilhan Omar THINKING with this?

Did she really say that? For real? Seriously?!

From WaPo:

Omar argued that even a “good Muslim” may find roadblocks in the United States and that that was the moment to stand up for one’s rights. “Once you are willing to stand up for yourself … then others will show up for you,” she said. She ticked off several examples, such as a Muslim being unable to find a place to pray in a hospital, even in “a country that was founded on religious liberty.”

“To me, I say, raise hell,” she said. “Make people uncomfortable.”


You know that face you make when you’re pretty sure that hipster guy in the skinny jeans cut in line but you’re not sure if you should say something because he looks like he could definitely start crying if someone is mean to him?

Yup, just made that face.

Ilhan. Just apologize and move on.

She is basically comparing herself to Bush.

This is … so bad.

Shockingly, stunningly bad.

What they said.


We have no idea.

And we’re not entirely sure we want to know.


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