This may well be one of the saddest, least self-aware tweets we have seen … ever.

Kirsten Gillibrand using her status as a ‘senator who represents 9/11 victims’ to shame Trump for calling Omar out over her thoughtless 9/11 comments is Hillary-level stupid. And we all know what happened to Hillary’s campaign.

She really should have stopped after the word ‘pain’ in this tweet but oh no.

Imagine being a 9/11 victim and seeing your senator defending someone for making light of the largest terror attack EVER on American soil.

So bad.

Not a damn one.


So Kirsten managed to piss everyone off with this tweet. She made the Right angry because she tried using victims of 9/11 to slam the president and she made the Left angry because they think she said Ilhan minimized 9/11.

Maybe she should just stick with being confused about how to eat fried chicken.


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