As Twitchy reported earlier today, CNN President Jeff Zucker defended the way CNN covered the Trump/Russia investigation by claiming they’re not investigators, they’re reporters and just cover the facts they are basically given.


And it was Brian Stelter who was good enough to share his quote and the story so Tim Pool reached out to Bri and gave CNN mad props … sorta.

Let’s hear it for some honesty from CNN finally!

And yeah, something like that.

Poor Tater … err … Brian.


This guy. *smh*

Tim piled on a bit more ‘adoration’:

They are being sued by Nick Sandmann’s family …


Double oof.

Is there such a thing as a triple oof? Because if so … TRIPLE OOF.

Maybe instead of snapping at Tim ol’ Bri should take a moment and learn a thing or two from him.

Yeah, and maybe monkeys will fly out of our butts.


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