We’re honestly starting to get a little bit dizzy from watching Democrats, the media, and so-called ‘legal analysts’ doing their best to somehow spin the Mueller report into a bad thing for President Trump. It almost reminds us of when Trump beat Hillary, and how they spent YEARS accusing him of working with Russia to get elected.

If you think about it, these people have done nothing but complain about losing while trying to find a way to discredit Trump’s win.

Seems Kimberley Strassel has noticed this as well:

Pretty sure she’s referring to this Brad Heath fellow who was looking to pick a fight with her over thread on the Mueller report and the FBI.

Oh no he di’int.


Ooh, ooh, we know!

They just don’t want to be wrong at this point and none of them can accept Trump actually won.

Yeah, we think he would know too.

But spin spin spin.

Dude, walk away.


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