You all remember Molly Jong-Fast, yes? She’s The Bulwark’s ‘token liberal’ who they sent to CPAC this year to make fun of conservatives and crap on the pro-life movement. Yeah, it wasn’t exactly a smart thing for a site that claimed (at the time) that they were conserving conservatism to do.

They have since changed their tagline to various other things like, ‘Slightly Dangerous’ or ‘Very Legal and Very Cool,’ probably because even they couldn’t deal with their own hypocrisy when it came to conservatism.

Anyway, Molly Jong-Fast tweeted this about Michael Avenatti not even quite a year ago.

Huh, you’d probably have to have a fairly high opinion of someone to call them the AG of any state, right?

Guess she’s changed her mind since then because she deleted it.

Well, we’re thinking she deleted it because people found it but who knows, maybe she changed her mind when he was actually ARRESTED yesterday.


The Bulwark sure can pick ’em.


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