Debra Messing seems … upset.

Gosh, we wonder why.

Whoa boy.

Ummm …

Who wants to tell her?

Dude, thanks.

And yeah.

Surely Debra was grateful for the correction?

Wait, what?

Again, no.

Side note, you know she’s really pissed at this point because she not only went full CAPSLOCK but she also made a bunch of angry typos.

We tried to tell her.

Well, technically Todd up there tried to tell her but you get it.

Something like that.

We joke about this but don’t be surprised when they start saying Mueller was compromised by Russia.

This reminds us of when gun-grabbers babble about gun laws and the Constitution. They know so little about the things they are ‘tweeting’ about and they end up just making total fools of themselves.

Like Debra here.


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