Hey look, it’s a TaunTaun! We knew we liked Sen. Mike Lee for a reason. And is that Reagan on a T-Rex with the American flag?


Dude even ‘represented’ with old-school Aquaman and who could be angry at a poster of sweet babies?!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, that’s who.

Did AOC really pull the ‘POSTERS COST MONEY’ line to dunk on Lee?

For real?


Like many other women, this editor thinks AOC is full of crap and gets tired of watching her play the woman card so she can act like an unhinged rage-donkey on Twitter. Oh, and by the way, Sen. Mike Lee is a HELLUVA senator and he is absolutely right to make a mockery of the Green New Deal which is really just stupid on top of as*hattery.

So there.

Could be.

They ALMOST make this too easy.

Yikes, tough crowd, She Guevara.


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