As if the Mueller report wasn’t painful ENOUGH for our good, delicate, sweet friends on the Left, Dan Bongino reminded them all that this isn’t the first time an ‘investigation’ has proven Trump didn’t collude with Russia during the 2016 election.

This throws a huge wrench into their new narrative that Mueller was somehow compromised (by Russia or Trump) or that Barr is hiding something in the Mueller report from the public. Mueller is not the only one who has investigated and found NADA.




Move on, Democrats, find some other conspiracy theory to shriek about for the next two years.

They’ll find SOMETHING, dadgummit!

Democrats seem to believe we are guilty until proven innocent.

They’re too busy pretending Trump and the GOP are just hiding the collusion or something. Don’t make that face, we’re not the lunatics here. Well, maybe we are but for different reasons.

Government at its finest, ladies and germs.

Couldn’t resist this one.


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