We’re thinking Brian Krassenstein might actually be broken.

Not even being mean … this tweet makes it seems like he’s a teensy bit out of touch with reality, right?

Technically Barr released a letter, not a report. And here we go with the, ‘What if’ stage of grief.

What if Trump conspired with a bunch of ninja leprechauns who wanted to overthrow the Federal Reserve because they think we have their pot of gold? What if mimes formed an army and forged a silent attack on Starbucks? WHAT IF Ariana Grande is really a robot?!

The ‘what if’s’ are ENDLESS … and pointless.


You know what, never mind.

DAMMIT, we missed it. If anyone has a screenshot of the third tweet please send to @politibunny (seriously!)


Still waiting on this promise.

Psh, clearly it equals PURPLE.


Color by number?


It’s time to …

Too late.


C’MON, even SHE sees the writing on the wall! Is it our imagination or is AOC telling Dems to GET OVER IT with the Mueller report

‘WHAT does this say about THEM’? Sharyl Attkisson takes Brennan, Comey and other ‘top intel types’ APART in just 2 tweets

This is just PITIFUL: NYT toadies try SO HARD to pretend the Mueller report is still BAD NEWS for Trump and it JUST backfires