For months (years!) we have listened to ‘top intel types’ from the Obama administration insist Trump colluded with Russia, and that entire narrative seems to have come crashing down in a matter of 48 hours this past weekend when Mueller submitted his report and called for no further indictments.

Gosh, you’d think a bunch of important people like John Brennan, Susan Rice, James Clapper, Samantha Power, and James Comey would be a teensy bit smarter about these sorts of things, right? Sharyl Attkisson seems to agree with us.

Then again, they did work for Obama sooooo …


Anything Trump did to defend himself when it appears he may have been falsely accused of collusion could be viewed as obstruction of justice, but now that it’s likely a done deal and Trump didn’t collude how can they prove obstruction of justice if there was no crime?

Ugh, it’s too early on Monday morning to think this deeply.

Quick, someone make a fart joke.

This is pretty horrible.

We could totally get behind something like this.

Yup. This has never been about protecting the American people, it’s always been about a power play and sticking it to Trump for daring to win the election.

It’s scary as Hell when you think about it.


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