The horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad news cycle for our friends in the media just keeps on truckin’. We suppose if we had spent years pushing a certain narrative and it got completely obliterated in a matter of 48 hours we might be a tad desperate to somehow spin things in our favor as well but c’mon, this is just getting pathetic. From journos pretending they were just observers (nice try, CNN) to pundits now claiming they DIDN’T expect Mueller to really find anything anyway, this has been the schadenfreude to end all schadenfreude.

Take for example, this sad podcast from The New York Times featuring Maggie Haberman and some other people you never heard of.

We’ll save you a listen and just tell you they are very focused on the ‘exonerating’ part of the report. Sure, Trump may not have done THIS but you KNOW he probably did THAT … it’s exhausting and such a waste of time.


Repeat after us. Trump didn’t collude.


This editor clearly isn’t a lawyer (and probably doesn’t know much about how these things work) but IF there was no crime Trump was trying to stop them from investigating in the first place there can’t really be obstruction of justice, right?

Just thinking out loud.

Anyway … *popcorn*


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