It all started here, with George Takei. Granted, he is pretending Trump will still somehow go down over the Mueller report (notice how they’re all bringing up the SDNY things now because even they seem to know Mueller is a dud), but he brought up a fairly good point.

If you’re a Democrat.

There are some serious issues with the Democratic Party.

Oh, and ‘a guy like that’ got elected because Hillary was just that awful.

You’re welcome.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez took it home …

Ok, so she’s talking a lot of BS about social justice issues that make most of us just roll our eyes BUT she gets it. They’ve wasted a lot of time on this whole Russian collusion piece hoping it would somehow punish Trump for beating Hillary, and in wasting all of that time their own party has suffered.

What have they gotten done in the last two years?

They won the House … anything else? What policies have they gotten through? Good luck running on a failed investigation into collusion.

There it is.


C’mon, you knew this was coming.

But especially on those evil GOP types.

Yeah, we may have given her too much credit here … heh.

Yeah … never mind.



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