Rep. Eric Swalwell is officially in denial.

That or he’s just so wrapped up in his own conspiracies and realizes he’s made a gigantic a*s of himself over the past two years pretending that Mueller was going to end Trump’s presidency that he just can’t help himself.

As Twitchy reported, his reaction on Friday was something else. We’re honestly shocked he shared this because it’s just so cringy.

Fine, let’s hear it from Mueller himself.

See, this is what Democrats are doing now that they realize the report is just a dud. They’re trying to pretend Trump doesn’t want the report out and that somehow proves there’s something MORE THERE and that Mueller will fulfill all of Democrats’ doomsday promises about the president.

It’s really sad and super annoying.

He’s trying so hard.

Look at him on Maher:

Again, nobody is saying the American people shouldn’t see the report. And look at him being all big and bad about Schiff subpoenaing Mueller and acting like Trump would want to edit his report and they have to STOP HIM.

Pathetic, right?

Swalwell shouldn’t do TV interviews OR he desperately needs some media training. Not even being mean, he’s just really awkward and makes the viewer uncomfortable.

Honestly, this is all just incredibly cruel because there are many on the Left who are on the verge of truly losing it, and pretending there is something Mueller is hiding for Trump (wait for them to accuse him of being a Russian plant next) is really horrible.

Look at this.

He’s feeding their desperation and paranoia … for votes.

As we said, it’s cruel.

Then again, he is a Democrat.


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