Gosh. Senator Chuck Schumer seems upset about something … wonder what it could be? Maybe it’s that Mueller spent 674 days (and who knows HOW MANY MILLIONS of dollars) only to come back with a big ol’ nothingburger.

Womp womp, Democrats.

The people pretending Barr is somehow hiding something from the Mueller report are perhaps the saddest of all. Trump’s greatest crime was winning the 2016 election and it seems Dems put all their chickens into the wrong basket.

But Chuck has HOPE!

Why would the White House interfere? Mueller found no reason to indict anyone for collusion soooo whatevs.

As for an apology to the president and Hell, to the American people?

What an a-hole.


Jumping to conclusions is what Chuck does best.

It certainly looks that way but HEY, there could be some magical unicorn hidden in the super secret documents that Chuck seems hopeful they can find if the entire report is made public.

It could happen (and monkeys could fly out of our butts).

Better add a little salt to that crow you’re eating, Democrats.


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