If you needed a reminder of how absolutely stupid the media really is, look no further than the lame HuffPo journo who was so triggered by Dana Loesch’s son’s birthday cake that he wrote an entire article on it.

No, seriously, he did.

Yeah, we know, everything is dumb.

Dana called him OUT:

What a bunch of a-holes.

We want to play paintball …

From the HuffPost:

The NRA spokesperson can not be said to be inconsistent … Dana Loesch, known in the United States for speaking out for the gun lobby, offered her son a cake birthday in the shape of … hand grenade.

Special attention from the National Rifle Association radio host and spokesperson for her 18-year-old child, concocted by her husband Christopher Loesch, a pastry lover and firearm lover.

We write some silly stuff but THIS was beyond silly. And outright mean.

It’s so ridiculous.

Right after he cries about how mean Dana was to him for writing about her son’s birthday cake.


This editor would totally love a grenade birthday cake.

True story.

Screw the haters.


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