POLITICO wrote a piece about Rep. Pramila Jayapal being a progressive leader AND a mentor for women of color in the House.

The ‘and’ is very important in their tweet … you’ll see why in a second.

So they are giving her credit for being two separate things here which AOC took issue with for some reason. All we can figure out is she misunderstood their tweet and is arguing with them about something they didn’t really say.

We’re thinking AOC needs to read the tweet again. If she focused on the mentor thing yes, they did limit that to women of color, but from what we can tell they simply called Jayapal a progressive leader.  *shrug*

And on cue, her little cult of followers was more than happy to pile on and be outraged over something that we’re pretty sure POLITICO didn’t say or even imply. Look at this hot mess:

Note, the only people who seem shocked about boxed soup on the thread are her supporters.

See what we mean?

And the moment a Republican refuses to acknowledge the sex and or race of any elected Democrat they will be screaming at the top of their lungs about how racist and sexist they are.


You think Happy here realizes she just promoted a bunch of conservative principles?

Except that’s not what they were saying.

You know what, never mind.

Have fun with that, POLITICO.


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