Rep. Eric Swalwell was already on CNN being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer about the Muller Nothingburger … wait … sorry, the Mueller Report and golly gee whiz, he didn’t seem like a happy camper.

In fact, we think it’s fairly safe to say he seemed pretty upset.

Oh, it was.


He called Trump a subject … OMG you guys, this was perhaps even funnier than Chuck Schumer’s reaction to the news. Wait, you know what? THIS is definitely funnier. Considering he was on CNN just 24 hours ago talking smack about how scared Trump would be of this report.

Watch again:

Wow, Eric.


Tantrum engaged.

Dude lost it.

HA! Not. At. All.


This is a little like Christmas.

Well, unless you’re Rep. Eric Swalwell.


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