Rep. Dan Crenshaw seems to think Americans ‘gave the House’ back to Democrats in 2018 as a sort of ‘testing the water’ thing. Granted, this is usually what happens when one party takes the White House but he could be right. MAYBE Americans really did want to see what the Left could bring to the table, maybe this has all been a test.

And if it was a test, man oh man, the Democrats failed BIG TIME.

The Democratic platform is indeed a total ‘yikes’ when you look at it this way. Open borders, socialism, giving anti-Semitism a pass, Green New Deal, infanticide, trampling on rights, trying to destroy the Electoral College … it just gets worse and worse.

And considering they only just now started this test and are already failing it? Impressive and not in a good way.

Or maybe they just dropped the mask?

This could literally be their new tagline for 2019.

But not enough that they can take the country with them.


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