Another day another AOC tweet that makes every Twitchy editor’s right-eye twitch just a little bit more. We used to think people like Ron Perlman and Alyssa Milano deliberately tweeted really stupid stuff because they wanted us to cover them more than anyone else …

But now we see Cortez (sorry, Ocasio-Cortez) outdoing even them.

She seems awfully excited about a country’s government disarming legal gun owners.

And look, she took the time to exploit Sandy Hook as well.

Nothing says leadership like a government disarming the people.

Holy crap, for real?!

At this point, all we can do is shake our heads and wait for the next ridiculous tweet to post.


True story. Then again she is a Democratic Socialist and we all know their endgame is tyranny, so no wonder this resonated with her.

That too.

Bad guys know the good guys have given up their weapons. But hey, like leadership and stuff. Yeah man, cool.

Oh yeah, America is different from New Zealand.

Who knew?


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