If you watch no other video on what ‘Another Day in Trump’s America’ looks like, make sure it’s this one.

Trust us.


‘It means to make America a better place than it was the day before.’

Holy cow.

This editor is in tears …

The way the video of him allegedly chasing the black Uber driver out of the neighborhood spreads through social and traditional media really hits home. There are no words for how awful the media can be when it comes to covering Trump and his supporters.

And the uglier and more hateful they can frame these people, the better. We especially like how the passenger mutes the story about the Covington Catholic High School kids as well.

You guys remember Carpe Donktum, yes? He’s the one who set Trump’s SOTU to ‘Everybody Hurts’ earlier this year.

God Bless America. Seriously.

We’re definitely workin’ on it.

Watch and share, folks.


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