Like many other Democrats who have realized they can’t win if they play by the fundamental rules of this country, Rep. Steve Cohen wants to do away with the Electoral College. His reasoning though ALMOST makes Liz Warren look sane … almost.

Steve thinks the EC was ‘conceived in sin.’

Imagine if a Republican said this?

Yeah, we know Steve is nutty anyway but THIS? Wowza.

From The Hill:

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) said Tuesday the Electoral College was “conceived in sin” and originally designed to effectively perpetuate slavery.

“The country is different than it was when the Constitution was drafted,” Cohen said on CNN while issuing support for the push to move to a national popular vote for presidential elections.

Cohen criticized the Electoral College’s origins, saying, “When the Constitution was drafted, a lot of it had to do with slavery.”


Is he really claiming they wrote the Constitution to perpetuate slavery?

Ok, we take it back, even Liz looks sane compared to this batsh*t crazy.

Listen to your constituents, Steve.

And absolutely off his rocker.

In other words, a Democrat.

You’re welcome.


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