Note, if you’re supposedly a Conservative and David Frum is pushing your work you’re doing it wrong.

And no.

Ok, fine, since Frum said so (and since we can hardly ever pass up an opportunity to shine the spotlight on ‘The Bulwark’). We read it so you don’t have to. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Well, you have to read it, but just a little bit. Take a look at this …

Vanderbrouk has a HUGE thread about his piece (which is really just him parroting the piece on the site from what we could follow), but we just couldn’t bear to punish our readers with it. Plus he’s blocked the majority of us here at Twitchy and writing about him is a pain. True story.

Sidenote. If we start using words like ‘quixotic’ to try and sound superior to our readers please throw something at our heads. Thx!

And sure, go ahead, pick a fight with Kurt Schlichter, let us know how that works out for you.


And LOTS of mockery by conservatives.

Vanderbrouk also goes after Jesse Kelly in the piece but it appears he only shared tweets from Schlichter.

Who knew carbby was a thing?

Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different outcome is insanity. Just sayin’.

Hey, at least this time The Bulwark didn’t knowingly send a pro-choice liberal to a conservative conference so she could make fun of a bunch of pro-life people and trash the movement, right?



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