Andrew Yang has certainly been hard at work making a name for himself, trying to stand out in the clown car show of Democratic candidates who think they can beat Trump in 2020. We suppose when there are dozens of people running and most of them are completely insane it’s not easy to garner attention, but between claiming white people will shoot all the Asians, his promise of giving every American $1000 every month, and that whole circumcision thing (don’t ask), here we are writing about him.


Giving him more attention.

Whoda thunk it?

Weird flex, but ok.

This editor’s dad was a marine. She believes in PRADA.

Is that how this works?

Whether he ‘gets it’ or not, this tweet turned into a hilarious thread.

The mighty Flying Spaghetti Monster!




Although Marvel is far superior. Don’t @ us.

Bacon. Yaaas.



That works.

Man, people have some interesting beliefs … and all thanks to their dads!


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