When things get absolutely too stupid for even this editor to read through, she wanders over to Sean Spicier’s timeline because like clockwork, he (or she) has the ability to make Tweeps lose their freakin’ minds. The number of people who still think the account is Sean Spicer even after ALL of this time is entertainment all on its own.

Add a bunch of thin-skinned, overly emotional, raging Lefties and bingo …

This past week Spicier has been busy indeed.

Take for example this tweet on gun control:

See? They still think Sean is Sean.

And he’s not Sean, he’s actually a different Sean.

It all makes sense if you think about it.

Oh, and forget about his tweets digging Aunt Becky for allegedly committing fraud to get her kid into college.

Yeah, this is no joke!


We especially like his tweet on Mueller and Pelosi suddenly not showing any interest in impeaching Trump.


Then the whole #BibleGate thing …


Look, even Spicier knows a woke child.


Horseshyte?! That dude meant BUSINESS.


You know what, we don’t even know.

There is one bonus Beto tweet on his timeline.

HUGE crowd. The HUGEST.

Most huge?


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