Dana Loesch pointed to the Muslim ‘hero’ who chased and shot at the shooters in the Christchurch shooting late last week as a reminder that there was a good guy with a gun present. Gun-grabbers never want to talk about the lives guns actually save, they’re far too busy exploiting death to push their narrative, so it made perfect sense for Dana to bring this up.

Which of course triggered a good many morons on Twitter because let’s face it, Dana could say the sky is blue and these same people would find some reason to screech at and threaten her.

Like this blue-check nobody using a cat for his avi, Brian Scully.

What a lovely singing voice this guy must have.

And yeah, no idea who he is but Twitter saw fit to verify him. Seems they’ll verify anyone who hates the right things and attacks the right people.

Dana handled him like she handles most trolls …


OH, yeah, it appears he’s a screenwriter. We ‘Googled’ him and eh … still have no idea who he is.

And a nap.

And maybe some fiber.


What a wordsmith!


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