Whoa. One of the dozens of Democrats running for president actually GETS why we have the Electoral College. We wouldn’t be more shocked if we woke up tomorrow morning with our heads sewn to the carpet.

Yeah, it’s Yang, who we wrote about earlier today. Sure, he’s fairly nutty being that he thinks white people will kill all the Asian people and also wants to give each American $1000 every month by imposing a VAT on Amazon BUT at least he understands the Electoral College.

Wow, Democrats sure can pick ’em.

He gets it.

Too bad Jemele Hill doesn’t. You guys remember Jemele, right? The last time we wrote about her she made a total ass of herself trying to pretend she understood socialism. Well, this time she’s babbling about the Electoral College … and you guessed it, making an epic ass of herself.


Nah. Screw people who live in rural America.


Imagine the hissy fit she would throw if someone said urban areas don’t matter … and the slavery thing?

But cities are more diverse and stuff.

Not enough facepalms in this world for Jemele’s tweet.

We’re going to guess she does not because she is wrong A LOT.

Wonder how long it will be before she backtracks on this one like she did with the socialism tweet?


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