Sounds like trouble for Robert Francis O’Rourke … and just a few days after he officially announced he wants to run for president.

Shucky darn.


Ruh-roh, Beto.

Dems are already sick of him.

We get it. If that idjit doesn’t stop standing on counters where people eat and or drink we’re going to start throwing rocks at him.

Calm down, not really.

Ok, maybe.

And C’MON, even Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand isn’t irritating Democrats yet, and she’s announced she’s running for president a couple of times now. Maybe she thought no one took her seriously the first time so she’s officially really and truly entering the race this time.

At least use his real name, right?

She did.

Democrats seem unsure of what to do with Beto and their 20+ other candidates.

Poor Beto.

Told ya’, they’re all over the board.

King of the Furries! Heh.

2020 is gonna be a BLAST.


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