Kathy Griffin was right to defend Chelsea Clinton from raging Leftists who wanted to blame her for the Christchurch shooter but the way she did it was SO, SO, SO bad. The woman who was actually recorded attacking Chelsea was complaining about being bullied and so Kathy took the opportunity to bully her herself.


Because you know, two wrongs totally make a right.


We get it, she really wanted Chelsea to see her ‘throwing down for her’ but there had to be a better way to do it than ‘punching down’.

Even her ‘fans’ and followers were ticked at her for this tweet.

There are few people on Twitter more desperate for attention than Kathy Griffin.

He broke her.

That’s why.

Too late.

Told ya’. She done screwed up this time.

Well, she’s screwed up plenty of times before now but usually, it’s only people who don’t like her in the first place who get annoyed with her. These are her FOLLOWERS.

Serious amounts of ouch.

Gosh, and she thought the Right was brutal.

Smooth move, Andy Dick.


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