We already knew the two young women who ambushed a very pregnant Chelsea Clinton at the Christchurch vigil to somehow blame her for the shooting were a little nutty, but what they tried to pull on Twitter after all of the other ridiculousness may be the strangest (funniest) part yet.

Apparently, ‘Esor’ was angry that people were posting their video on Twitter and wanted to somehow threaten people with legal action for posting said video.

And her go-to was … Michael Avenatti.


Notice he says he has no idea WTF she is talking about? Also, notice we had to use a screenshot to even share her tweet because once he called her out she deleted it. But thankfully @VixenRogue was smart enough to grab a screenshot of it.

God bless America because this is hilarious.


This has GOT to be a joke! Some sort of performance art. No one is THAT dense … wait, we just wrote about AOC a little big ago.

Scratch that.

So many ‘yikes’ here.


We’re defending Chelsea Clinton.

Yup, the world has gone loco.

Editor’s note: We are seeing some rumbling that this ‘Esor’ account may be a parody … but when it’s this hard to tell if the account is real or not you KNOW it’s a mess.


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