You know that feeling when you read something so absolutely unacceptable you’re not sure if you’re reading something real? You know, like Hillary Clinton’s book, ‘What Happened.’ Well, this statement on the Christchurch shootings from Senator Fraser Anning who is the Senator for Queensland is pretty damn unbelievable.

And shockingly bad.

Take a look.


We are completely unfamiliar with who Senator Fraser Anning is so we did a search and found this on ‘his’ Wikipedia page. Read closely:


Seems ol’ Fraser isn’t exactly all that popular.

And we can see why.

What a disgusting and foul statement for an elected official or anyone to make. Maybe he missed it, but 49 innocent people just murdered for their faith. Did he really think blaming the victims was the right way to go here?


Join the club.

That won’t stop our dear friends on the Left from comparing Trump to this jagoff but fair point.

It really and truly is.

Like we said, no words.

Some days it does indeed feel that way.


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