We have an idea. How about the Krassenstein brothers go back to being Justin Bieber fan accounts and stop pretending like they know anything about politics? Sounds good, right?

Especially when you see tweets like this from Ed.

Wait, that’s Brian.

Sorry, it’s easy to get them confused.

Sure Brian, let’s just start banning groups of people. Sounds like a plan.

We get it, he was responding to AOC (who makes him look like a genius, think about THAT for a minute) claiming we have a Muslim Ban in this country. But we don’t, because in America we don’t BAN GROUPS OF PEOPLE. The Left can shake their tiny fists and insist we do but we do not.

Period. The ban is a Travel Ban and only include countries that are known for harboring terrorists. Hell, two of them listed aren’t even Muslim countries.

Because when Obama did it he was thinking of our safety or something.

We thought it was the Bieber thing? Psh, anything is possible.

See, once you start banning groups of people eventually they’ll get around to YOUR group, even if there are only two of you.

Might as well be inclusive and stuff, right?

Annd we’re done here.


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