What was Alyssa Milano smokin’ when she tweeted this?


Oh, we get what she was trying to do, she was trying to pretend her speaking on behalf of several minority groups and marginalized people was ok because she is one of them … which is really NOT ok but we’re not dealing with the brightest crayon in the box here.

In case you missed it or tried to wipe it from your memory:



And the quote doesn’t make it any better.

Michelle Malkin called it:

At BEST she’s delusional.

At WORST she’s a pandering tool trying to score cheap political points by using various minorities and marginalized people.

Neither is a great look.


Who are these people?

Wait, don’t answer that.

She’s glad people got mad at her for being a self-centered harpy … sure she is.

It’s actually the one thing she really is … other than a rich Hollywood elitist who likes to pretend she’s down with the little people.’

But we digress.


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