Poor Jemele Hill.

For whatever reason, she took it upon herself to try and defend socialism after a poll from NBC of all outlets illustrated how much Americans think it sucks. Her reasoning was that Americans were just too stupid to actually understand what socialism is and that’s why they didn’t want it.

Like a good Lefty, she assumed she needed to lecture and talk down to the masses because her knowledge is of course far superior to us little people.

Which only made her self-own even funnier.

Shot and chaser.

Jemele should probably stick to talking about things she actually knows about. Like … well, there has to be something, right?

Did she really say tax cuts are socialism?

No wonder she deleted that mess.


Because socialism has never really been tried and stuff.


It definitely got a tad awkward for Jemele …

But she said she was glad people brought it up …

So wait, she’s saying she spoke from experience and that’s why she deleted her silly tweet about tax cuts being socialist?

Alrighty then.


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