How does that old Twitter saying go? Don’t start none won’t be none?

Seems our good, delicate friends on the Left (aka the Virginia Democrats) might have missed this nugget of wisdom because for whatever reason they tried picking a fight with Virginia Republicans.

Maybe they missed it but their party is a MESS in the state of Virginia right now. Oh, that’s right, they’re hoping the rest of the country will forget that Governor Ralph Northam has worn blackface and knows how to do the moonwalk, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax has been accused of sexual assault, and AG Mark Herring has also admitted to wearing blackface.

But you know, somehow ORANGE MAN BAD.

Silly Dems.


Yes, that’s their guy.

Yup, that’s their guy too.

And this winner is theirs as well.

Yeah, maybe sit down and shut up, Virginia Democrats.

They say Virginia is for lovers, but Virginia Republicans remind us it’s for fighters as well.

And damn.


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