Volvo is limiting its cars’ top speed to 112 mph.

Guess which car this editor WON’T be buying anytime soon.

Holy crap, who in their right mind would ever think this is a good idea?

Good ol’ Rep. Eric Swalwell, that’s who. And whether or not he’s in his right mind is questionable some days.

You can always tell when these people are CLUELESS about how guns work. And comparing a gun to a car? This ding dong STILL doesn’t understand what is and is not a right. Owning a firearm is a RIGHT. Owning a Volvo, not so much.

Guess how Eric’s tweet went over:

That’s still pretty damn fast, Eric.

Technically there is no such thing as an assault rifle but we digress.

Don’t give him any ideas.

Quiet you. Eric has a narrative to push.

Guns are bad, mkay?

Those sneaky basta*ds.

When even your gun control peeps are trying to rein you in?

Bad tweet. BAD!


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