You know those heated debates and/or discussions you see happening and you think to yourself, ‘Nooooope, not getting involved in THAT one.’ This back and forth between David French, Mollie Hemingway, and Sean Davis is one of those debates … if you can call it a debate.

Personally, this seems like a fairly brutal pantsing to this editor.

See for yourself.

It all started with David quote-tweeting Chuck Ross:


Sean had some thoughts on David’s tweet:

We’re not sure David really wants to know what Sean meant by, ‘Welcome to the party.’

Mollie followed up.

We don’t disagree with David but the things he’s written … Mollie shared this example.

Russia, Russia, Russia.



And now it’s getting personal.

Bad faith seems to be something that’s going around in certain groups these days.

Guess Sean and Mollie noticed, eh?



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