Ok, so we can’t decide if Cenk Uygur really thinks Rep. Jim Jordan was being anti-Semitic with the dollar sign in Tom Steyer’s name or if he’s just trying to pretend the media is making stuff up in an effort to frame Rep. Ilhan Omar as an anti-Semite but wow.

Hello mess, meet hot.

It all started here:

Do we think Jim was implying Steyer is a big ol’ donor to Nadler and other Democrats? Sure.

Do we think he was being anti-Semitic? No.

But reality has never been Cenk’s strong point:

Wait … what?

Did he really say the MSM protects the GOP???

This is surprising. In fact, it’s so surprising that if this editor woke up tomorrow morning with her head sewn to the carpet she wouldn’t be more surprised

The media protects the Right.

Just freakin’ wow.

We had the same thought but apparently, he is serious.

Ha HA! He caught the media protecting the GOP … take that media.

Holy crap that’s funny.

For real?

We keep thinking this has to be a joke but nope.

Alrighty then.

How long ya’ got?

We got nothin’.


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