Every time this editor says to herself, ‘THAT’S IT, NO MORE AOC STORIES,’ another doozy of a tweet shows up on the radar and here she is, writing about AOC again. At this point, we are really starting to wonder if there is a record for the number of times Twitchy covered someone and if so, this chick is definitely in the running. Although we’re guessing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have her by a few thousand stories …

She could well catch them though by the time her two years are up.

Like this ‘joke’ about using paper.


Raise your hand if you rolled your eyes, more than once.

We GET IT, people shouldn’t be so mean to her for using modern technology while lecturing the rest of us about how we’ll have to stop flying and eating hamburgers but c’mon. This was lame.

Austin Petersen had a good one though.


She doesn’t get why people are irritated with her.

Or, maybe she does, and she figures her cult is too dense to understand the real reasons so she tweets this crap.

But most of us ain’t buyin’ it.


True story.

Ouch again.

Yummm … hamburger.

Dagummit, now this editor is hungry.

Don’t you oppress her with your logic!


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