Caleb Hull wrote a fairly damning thread showing how various Leftist outlets covered the same talking point in slamming Trump for lying and how they didn’t even bother to do their jobs as journalists before shrieking about how he was lying.

When he wasn’t.

Take a look.

When your only goal is to dunk on Trump you’re BOUND to miss the real story, especially if it’s around what is happening at the southern border. Luckily for these folks, Caleb was more than happy to do their work for them.


Whoda thunk it.


Ugh, beyond watching these outlets get worked, this story is really freakin’ horrible and depressing. These poor girls.


We covered Jemele yesterday, she seems to think only stupid people don’t like socialism or something.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t tweet it.


He should send these folks a thank you card.


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