Look out, President Trump. Alyssa Milano is getting all big and bad with you in this tweet where she listed ‘some super important stuff’ that got done while you were out of the country.

Wonder if she’s feeling intimidated a little by AOC, that you know, she might take her place as the densest account on Twitter when it comes to politics?

Hey, Alyssa!

Your list is silly and ultimately only led to you getting totally trolled and embarrassed … as usual.


Oh, and as far as Trump’s attorney throwing him under the bus, Democrats made total fools of themselves pretending he is in any way a trustworthy resource for anything. The whole event was just one big embarrassing flop, especially that Prague thing.


And Trump is still her president.

She’s acting, not pretending.

Get it straight, pal.


Gosh, when you put it that way Alyssa’s list looks pretty silly.

But we knew that already.

We only hope he can recover.

Hey, whaddya know, this list thing is fun.


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