It’s like there really and truly is a tweet for every occasion on AOC’s timeline. Just another reason many of us think of her like the Left’s Trump. Take for example this tweet about women of color in politics and how they have to work twice as hard …

Would someone please bring in the tiny violins?


Maybe AOC missed it but they are setting their own bar and giving us their own reasons to doubt them. This is not about their sex or the color of their skin, it’s about their silly ideas and ridiculous behavior.

But sure, let’s turn this into yet another lame talking point she can preen on and on about to her cult-like following.

There’s just one little group she doesn’t seem to care much about in all of this though:

We’re pretty sure AOC isn’t all that concerned about fighting for Black conservative women, especially those who work for Trump.

Just a guess.

The victim card is getting a tad worn out.


And we think she’s trying to kid both.

When your own voters are telling you to chill out a little?

Listen to them.


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