This video is so incredibly violent … it bothered this editor to watch it. True story.

Unbelievably scary stuff and for what? Daring to be a Conservative on the Berkeley campus? There is something really, really wrong with people on the Left who do this, who think that violence is the answer to dealing with people they disagree with politically.

William LeGate was quick to point the finger of blame … at Charlie Kirk.

Sweet baby Jeebus.


Sure, blame the kid for being assaulted. *eye roll*

LeGate (which sounds like a type of fancy wet cat food) should have left everything after the word ‘but’ out of his tweet. What a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie.

He doesn’t condone violence except for those evil young people who don’t think like he wants them to so, of course, he thinks they should be silent and stick to areas where they won’t challenge the ridiculous groupthink that is suffocating the college system in this country.

Interesting side note, we went through the thread looking for people who may disagree with Mr. LeGate other than Treacher, but it appears he is fairly block-happy.

Which isn’t at all surprising.

It’s probably only a matter of time before this editor is blocked as well.

No wonder he’s siding with the guy punching people he disagrees with.


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