As Twitchy readers know, Van Jones held a panel discussion on Jussie Smollett, and while HIS own take was pretty far out there, one of his panelists did what we all knew they would do. Keith Boykin tried to make Jussie Smollett allegedly lying about TWO hate crimes a conversation starter for ‘ordinary Black LGBTQ people’ that would ‘bring focus’ on violence and hate crimes against that community.


Instead of admitting what Jussie has really done will have the opposite effect on the very community he thinks this will help.


Let’s hope we can finally start talking about those cases?!

Maybe he missed it, but that’s all we seem to hear about, especially since Trump took office. And we get it, Jussie is his friend and he’s trying to find a way to pretend his friend didn’t just set the Black LGBTQ community back decades with this stunt, but COME ON.

That. ^

But he really, really, really wants that to be the case.

True story.

HA! Yup.

This is CNN we’re talking about.

Per various sources, Jussie was more than happy to testify against the WRONG people. It was only after he found out they had the right people in custody that he started refusing to comply.

And their precious narrative is dinged once again.


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