Maybe Alyssa Milano missed it, but there are plenty of socialists pretending to be Democrats who are actively pushing the party further and further to the Left and off the cliff. Someone should send her Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ to take a look though if she really thinks Republicans are just ‘painting’ Dems as socialists.

They’re doing it to themselves, really, we’re just pointing it out.

And laughing.

But that didn’t stop Alyssa from ignoring the reality of her own party and pointing her finger at Lindsey Graham:

Alyssa, sweetie, what were you THINKING? She had to know this wouldn’t end well …

But then again, she may not have expected James Woods to drop this amount of truth on her tweet.


A socialist?! GET OUTTA HERE.

How could Alyssa not know this? You know what, never mind.

No no, it’s because socialism has never really been tried or something.



But to be fair, most of us who pay too much attention to politics these days are a mess.

AOC has got her beat right now, but the year is young.

Mind blown.

We see what he did here.

And now we want cookies.


And the cycle continues.


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