Full transparency, we’re not entirely sure who Dave Vescio is but apparently, he’s been in a few movies, has a blue checkmark, and has some opinions on what women don’t have to do.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it.

His list is … interesting.

So this is totally mansplaining, right?

Asking for a friend.

Truly, what’s the point of this?

Some chicks weren’t thrilled with his list either …

And came up with their own lists of things men don’t have to do.

Hairy men making dad jokes at Home Depot are the best.

We didn’t say it.

We laughed.

We included it in this article.

But we didn’t say it.

Yeah, no.

Right?! Shew!


Please, guys, wear deodorant.

If we knew why people are morons we’d be gazillionaires.

And another Tweep made a list about hamsters …

Twitter is a strange place, man.

Good to know … we think?


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