Rep. Eric Swalwell is sort of like the male Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez, except he doesn’t get quite as much attention and his lipstick isn’t quite as bright red. Maybe he’s doing this on purpose, maybe he’s seen how much attention AOC is getting for being a doorknob and he thinks this is his ticket to running for president.

Or maybe he’s just as big of a doorknob as AOC.

Take this tweet for example.

Ok, but the real question is did Eric ever get his coffee?

And seriously, we get that he’s trying to do some preemptive damage control just in case Mueller’s report is the nothingburger we expect it to be, but c’mon. This looks silly. What, ‘Hell to pay,’ is he talking about? What’s he gonna do? Tweet more mean things at Trump? Try and impeach him only to have the Senate laugh at him? Stick to coffee selfies, Eric.

Benjamin Wittes who is far from a Trump enthusiast wrote a fascinating thread on what is happening with Mueller and unfortunately for Swalwell, it makes his tweet look even sillier than it already did.

If Mueller were being shut down he’d say so.

Sorry not sorry, Eric.

It’s time to poop or get off the pot.

Yeah, Benjamin said it way better but the same thing.

This. All day this.

Read the thread, ding dong.

So much for that whole Hell to pay thing, right Eric?


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