Awww those Krassenstein brothers. You know the bros, the ones who somehow manage to be one of if not the first to post a tweet b*tching at Trump any time the president tweets. Add to the mix that they used to be Justin Bieber fan accounts and you truly have the makings of a pretty damn mockable duo of dudes.

This time we’re looking at a tweet from Brian, although truth be told it’s a little hard to tell him from Ed.

Brian really doesn’t want us making fun of Democrats for going along with Jussie Smollett’s attempt to smear a bunch of innocent Americans as racists, bigots, and homophobes.

It shows that Democrats are more than happy to believe horrible things about a bunch of people they can’t be bothered to actually get to know because it feeds their crap narrative, but nice try, Bri.

Is this a trick question?

Left out they were wandering around on one of the coldest nights of the years as well …


Quiet you with all your patience and facts.


THERE it is. The Left so badly WANTED this to be real and that it wasn’t is what hurts them the most and don’t let any of them pretend otherwise.

Especially a Bieber Bro like Bri.


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