So, shocker, another government agency was not only off but ‘scandalously off’ in their policy estimates … hey man, if you want something done wrong just hand it off to the government.

We knew Obamacare was a dumpster fire of horrible but wow, we’re having a hard time finding adequately nasty enough words to describe what this report found with the CBO’s estimates on the disastrous legislation.

Holy crap, right?

From The Washington Examiner:

A new report from government actuaries has revealed that the Congressional Budget Office was scandalously off in its estimates of the impact of Obamacare’s individual mandate, a miscalculation that has had significant ramifications for healthcare and tax policy over the past decade.

CBO estimates about the importance of an individual mandate to a national healthcare scheme prodded President Barack Obama into including the unpopular provision into the law in the first place. The mandate projections also played a key role in President Trump’s two major legislative initiatives. The fact that the CBO assumed 14 million could lose coverage mainly due to the elimination of mandate penalties helped kill the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, while its later assumption that 13 million fewer insured individuals would mean less spending on subsidies from the federal government helped get the 2017 Republican tax cut across the finish line by improving the budgetary math. Yet those incredibly influential estimates now appear to have been wildly off.

Not just off but wildly off.

Yay government.

We’re not sure Obama was actually forced to endorse the individual mandate because we’re pretty sure he was quite pleased with the idea of the government forcing Americans to buy something they may not want or need but eh …

UNAFFECTED versus 5 million.

And here we have it, boys and girls, the government had zero business getting involved in health care. Holy crap.

Well, of course, the media, pundits, and the Left were more than happy to tell everyone how stupid they were for not believing in Obamacare and the CBO just gave them more ammo.

Because it doesn’t make Trump look bad.

From 2017 … and yup.

Politicized crap sandwich is oddly specific but accurate.

Heh, this works.

Liberals, accepting they were wrong? ROFL

Oh, ouch, our sides.

It was all fiction.

But we all knew that.


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